New Years Eve Outfit Inspirations (cold weather,beach,indoors…)

Hey guys, I hope you all had an awesome Christmas! Is anyone else sad that Christmas is over?!?! I sure am, but let’s just remember that we still have New Years to look forward to. Not as exciting, but still pretty cool and by New Years I really mean New Year’s Eve because let’s face it between 8:00pm and 1:00 am is really when everything goes down.

I thought it would be cool to give you guys some help with finding the perfect New Years (Eve) outfit for cold weather, a beach party an indoors event etc. I hope you guys enjoy! Remember that these are only for inspirational purposes and you don’t need to buy exactly what I suggested to look nice.Some of these outfits are on the pricey side, but anything more affordable will be just as good!

(All links to items are below each outfit idea)


Night-time (Not too cold weather)

So, if lace is your bestie, you’re going to love this outfit that I thought would be good for a winter’s night out! Whether you’re going to Madison Square Garden with your friends or  on a date with bae (I am doing neither #lonelystruggles 😂) this outfit would be perfect for you! You can wear a sweater/caridgan, but if he gives you his jacket, then you’ll know its real. 😭

dress 1.pngimage1xxl


1 – Dress  Nordstorm

2 – Shoes Asos

3 -Statement Necklace Baublebar


Okay,if you’re going to the beach this New Year’s, I have an outfit that is perfect for you (just don’t get pneumonia). I would recommend wearing a skirt/shorts, since it’s the beach and a cute top with some cool sandals.


1 Top Sheinside

2 Shorts Rotita

3 Shoes Etsy

4 Necklace Etsy


So, if I were you, I would go a little more classy since it’s basically like a professional kickback. I would recommend wearing a nice loose top, some stylish bottoms and a pair of heels, just to top everything off.

1 Top Charlotte Russe

2 Skirt H&M

3 Shoes WetSeal

4 Necklace Nadine Calor


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