(Deep) New Year’s Quotes | 2016

Hey guys! How are you?I hope you guys are doing awesome!I thought it would be cute do some deep,tumblr,inspirational quote type things to get you ready for 2016!I was going to post my “New year’s Eve Outfit Inspirations” today, but blogging is hard and I get distracted really easily… so that didn’t work out,BUT I will post that tomorrow for sure, so stay tuned!

Okay, so cute quotes are always super inspirational for me and I know you guys like them too so I thought that would be fun to find some deep,cute,motivational,inspirational,kawaii quotes for you.So without further adue here are some adoable quotes, I hope that you’re enlightened ❤!


Those were my cute quotes, if you can think of any, don’t hesitate to leave me a comment below.I love,love,love, hearing from you guys.It makes me so happy.Also,if you have any new year’s resolutions leave comment those down below as well.You guys are always so inspirational to me.You are such an important part of my life, honestly I don’t know what I would be doing with life right now (probably something I hate) without all of you in it.

I hope you thought this post was cute (I’ve said cute about 100 times, SOMEONE BUY ME A THESAURUS!!!) and I hope you liked it and you feel inspired.

XoXo Jonbonae


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