Easy DIY Christmas decor ideas

Hey guys, here are a few easy and affordable ways to spice up your room/office/home this holiday season.One of my favorite ways to get into the holiday spirit is by decorating… seriously I’ve had decorations up since mid-November, but it just makes me soooo happy, waking up to Christams decorations everywhere.


  1. ornament Jars

This one is really easy, all you’ll need is a good sized jar (that can hold more than one ornament horizontally and is tall enough for them to stack) and a few cute Christmas ornaments or baubles.

You can arrange the ornaments however you want and you can even create your own custom color scheme… either way, just add your own touch when doing this!



2. Reindeer/Woodland Creature Glitter Silhouettes

Okay, for this you’ll need a blank white canvas, gold paint or glitter, some sort of adhesive and a cutout of your choice.

All you have to do is cutout your silhouette and trace it onto your blank canvas, then with your glue or paint, fill in your outline and lastly, sprinkle your gold glitter and your all done!

You can also use tape to create stripes or use a round sponge brush to create polka dots.


cinnamon-candles-centerpieces3. Cinnamon Stick Candles

If your a Cinnamon lover, you are going to love this, because it makes your room smell literally soooo GOOOD!!

All you’ll need is a tumbler candle of your choice, cinnamon sticks and a few accents (optional)

So you’re just going to want to stick your cinnamon sicks with ht glue, around the outside of your candle with some sort of strong glue like hot glue, E-6000 or Krazy glue.And basically you’re done! If you want, you can wrap a few ribbons around them and glue on a few decals like fake holly or some festive buttons.

So if you’re an insider and you just so happen to live on the same rock in the middle of the Caribbean with me, you might have seen my mom’s diy Christmas wine bottle centerpieces at her School’s Christmas Play. So basically all she did was find a random tree branch, spray paint it black and stick it into a wine bottle covered with decorative tape.she then hung different ornaments on each branch and sprinkled glitter every where. these where so cute and everyone loved them, so shutout to my mom for that.

(I’ll find a picture and add it in later… ;-;)

I hope you guys liked this and that you have a Wonder-filled Christmas Holiday. I love you guys! Talk to you guys later…

XoXo Jonbonae

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