7 Ways to Have a Spook-Tacular Halloween This Year

I hope you guys are having an awesome October so far, but it has almost come to an end because Halloween is finally here. I’m not even kidding when I say that Halloween is one of my favorite days of the year. So for all you guys out there who are having some trouble getting into the Halloween spirit her are 10 sure fire ways to have the best Halloween ever (I hope …πŸ˜‰).


  1. Find the coolest freaking costume ever!!!!

Go out there and find a costume that is totally you and work it and own and just be yourself and do you. It doesn’t matter if you DIYed your costume for $5.00 or you payed $100, just be yourself and rock that $5.00 last minute,taped together costume like your Beyonce.

2. Watch awesome Halloween movies!

Halloween movies are my favorite! I love weird stuff and scary stuff that freak normal people out amuse me but scare me at the same timeΒ  idk… but, if your not one of those people who can’t watch scary stuff without getting the heeby-geebies then watch cute Halloween movies like “The Nightmare before Christmas”. That is hands down the best movie ever.

3. Eat pumpkin

I love pumpkin, but if pumpkin isn’t your cup of tea (or PSL 😁😁 see what I did there) then orange food dye/coloring can be your best friend.

4. Decorate for Halloween

Your room, kitchen, your entire house, wherever you can find some scary cool Halloween decorations and go crazy. That will definitely get pretty much everyone into the good ole Halloween spirit.

5. Candy

That’s all I can say….the Halloween Candy (my dentist is probably crying right now…)but it’s the one day of the year that everyone can eat unlimited candy without worrying. We’ll all go back to our healthy eating and Cross-fit after this is all over.

6. Go to a Spook-tacular Halloween Party

Just go out and have a good tie with your friends, Halloween only comes once a year and this is basically the only time we can dress up without getting stared at in a weird way, so live while you can.

7. Let your freaky fly and just be YOU

Honestly, this sounds so cheesy and if you were hearing me read this it would sound so scripted and rehearsed, but there’s no better way to say this. The best ting you can be on Halloween is yourself.

I hope you guys have an awesome Halloween!!! See you guys later.

XoXo Jonbonae

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