Clueless Inspired: Cher Halloween Costume Ideas

Keep reading to find out how to recreate three of the fabulous Cher’s outfits from everyone’s favorite 90’s movie “Clueless”. This is a rather easy Halloween costume because the pieces used in these outfits are quite easy to find and EVERYONE will definitely know who you are trying to be. Hey, you can wear some of these outfits even if it isn’t Halloween!Don’t be afraid to have a sassy “As if?!?!” in your arsenal for maximum Cher-ness, add a few 90’s inspired props and you’re ready to go!


Outfit #1

This is Cher’s signature outfit from the movie. All you’ll need is :


  1. A yellow skirt (I found one at Urban Outfitters that looked like the one she had on in the movie, but it was a bit expensive so,if you can’t find a plaid one that is cheaper, just a plain yellow skirt will do.)
  2. A yellow Jacket (again, if you can’t find a plaid one, just a solid yellow will work just fine.)
  3. A white t-shirt
  4. A yellow vest, cardigan or shirt that you can layer over
  5. Some white knee high socks
  6. and lastly, a pair of white heels.

To complete the look, you can wear your hair straight and wear light/natural make-up just to finish it off and carry an old 90’s phone if you can find one.

Outfit #2

This is the outfit she wears in the scene from the Christmas Party in the Valley.

  1. cher-horowitz-red-feather-handbag-shop-the-best-handbags-from-clueless-shopping-bag-handbagYou’re going to need a red dress (and no, you don’t need a designer Alia like she has in the movie, an short red body con dress will be just fine.
  2. A dark red jacket coat like thing with some black feather lining.I don’t really know how to explain this one, but looking at the picture , I’m sure you can just DIY your own with a red sweater and a black feather boa.
  3. A small bag that matches the coat. Again, I’m pretty sure you can DIY your own. with some of the same materials used before
  4. A pair of bright red pumps to match your dress.

This is the party scene, so she kind-of goes a little more all out on the hair and make up. Just be sure to do a cute up-do and don’t be afraid to reach for your favorite red lipstick.

Outfit #3

The last outfit is her signature outfit from one of the many scenes where she goes shopping in this movie.

050814-clueless-3-567_01.The first thing that you’ll need is going to be a plain white button down shirt.

2.You are also going to need a black cardigan to layer over your shirt.

3. She wears kid of a short, white, pencil skirt with grey triangles on it, but I’m sure any other white and grey mini/short skirt will suffice.

4.You will also need a pair of black pumps and a few designer shopping bags to pull off this outfit.

I hope that you guys enjoyed this post and that you try some of these outfits or yourself. Even if you can’t find these outfit exactly, you can easily make her style your own and just be yourself with it. I hope you guys find the perfect Halloween costume and have an absolutely spook-tacular Halloween!


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