5 Easy Ways To Make Money Online – Teen Edition

  1. Sell your DIYS

This is an easy one for all my DIYers out there, believe it or not, there are a ton of people out there looking for unique, handmade, one-of-a-kind pieces for sale.You can use websites like Etsy as a marketplace for your products, but… if you don’t want to have to package and ship everything you can even use Facebook to sell thing to people you know who live near by or your friends. So all you need to do is make things in your home, take pictures of them and post them to your Facebook wall for all your friends to see.

2. Sell clothes that you don’t wear anymore.

This is amazing, because not only are you making a ton of money, but you’re also cleaning out your bedroom. This is similar to the first one, you can either use sites like Poshmark or Threadflip to sell your clothes or you can use your Facebook page as suggested before. These sites are useful because you have millions upon millions of people that can see and hopefully buy your items.

3. Youtube!!

Youtube is amazing! I love youtube, we all do. With youtube, it’s not really even about making the money, but getting to do something that you love in front of the camera. If you love makeup, cars, sports, just put it out there, even if you only get about 100 views, you’ll still be getting paid for those hundred views.

4.Opinion Outpost

This is a cool website because big companies use it to get young people’s opinions on their products. They pay you to take shot surveys about different products and you can start making money as soon as you sign up.

5. Slice the Pie

If you are a music lover like myself, this is a good site for you.They pay you to listen to new songs and rate them based on how much you like them.

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