Dream Out Loud by V1be

So.. a few days ago I got an email from an awesome singer-rapper duo called V1be telling me about their new single called “Dream Out Loud”, and guys it is AMAZING!!! It is so motivational and makes you want to just follow your heart and make all your dreams come true(…sorry for my cheesiness…).  I definitely think that you guys should listen to it because you will feel so inspired when you do. It’s also really, really , really catchy…so it’ll probably be stuck in your head all day, jut like how it’s stuck in mine right now.

This single is available for pre-order on iTunes right now and I totally think that you guys should get it.It can be our song..ha ha, we can bond over that and just have a big Oasis Fam dance party from all different countries, it’s gonna be awesome guys.

So go check out V1be on their website for more information on these two awesome guys.Hope you love it as much as I do, talk to you guys later.

XoXo Jonbonae

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