My Favorite Triangl Swimsuits of 2015

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past year, I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of Triangl Swimwear. They have become really popular due to how stylish and comfortable their bikinis are.They have totally blown up this year…and by blown up…I mean they’ve exploded and dropped swimsuits on pretty much every teenager with a credit card and a bikini body (not funny joke, but you get the idea). They also offer flat rate shipping, no matter how many you buy!! AMAZING!!

Sooooo…. here are a few of my favorite Triangl bikinis for the 2015 summer season.

BeFunky Collage

BeFunky Collagee


  1. Milly – St Tropez Sun  89 USD
  2. Poppy – Bubblegum Blue  89 USD
  3. Farrah – Sunset Dreams  89 USD
  4. Brigitte – In The Summertime  99 USD
  5. Patti – Daisy Days  99 USD
  6. Poppy – Paradise Palms  89 USD
  7. Lulu – Tutti Frutti  79 USD
  8. Winnie – Arizona Sunset  89 USD
  9. Milly – Indiana Ice  89 USD


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