Style Oasis| Q & A

Hey guys, I know that we are in the middle of preparation for Prom Oasis, but I thought that it would be a great idea to do a Q & A with you guys.So many people have asked me to do this & I can’t wait to answer all your questions.

Tomorrow I will be answering all your questions on snapchat. Please send me your questions as soon as possible by commenting own below (your name & where you’re from). If you have more “personal” questions & you don’t want your name to be disclosed, feel free to send them to me via email. Remember, snapchat stories only last 24 hours, so make sure to watch it before it is deleted.

snapchat: jonbonaechung



  1. Hey, I love you so much ! I was wondering which shoe designer you prefer and why, Christian Louboutin or Jimmy Choo?
    P.S. I’m the first person to comment, I believe that deserves a shoutout.


  2. Hello, I love your blog so much, You’re the best and I love you I love you I love you!!!!!!! hahaha\
    Who is your favorite singer/ Who are your favorite singers?


  3. 1st things first my name is pronounced TRISTAN not TRY-STAN.
    I love you so freaking much, I want to know if you know what the actual meaning of “Wishy Washy” is?
    Cause youhave that song on ur spotify playlist.


  4. I love you!!! Do you watch the Real Housewives of Orange County? Who is your favorite Housewife and what is you r favorite episode?


  5. My school is really small, so we decided that all the girls in my year would ask the guys to prom. I knew this guy wanted to go with me, so I asked him – we were going as just friends. He was single at the time and now he has a girlfriend. She is really nice and we are friends but I just think the idea is weird because she was supposed to go with one of the guys in my class but couldn’t make it. I know this is strange, but can you help me please please please? What do I do?


  6. Pronounce these commonly mis-pronounced names
    Gianni’s Antetoukempo
    Cara delevigne
    Amanda Seyfriend
    Christian Louboutin
    Zooey Deschchanel
    Dirk Nowitzki
    Tom timedeou


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