Easy Smart Casual Day Time Outfits

When the Head of Sixth Form tells you to dress “Smart Casual” and you have no idea what the heck “Smart Casual” means, you search Google and Tumblr and Pinterest and The Hunt, but don’t get me wrong; I’m definitely not here to name apps.So put your Iphone down and look no further, because I have the solution to all your problems.(Well, maybe not ALL your problems!)

Basically what myself and pretty much every other Beauty Guru on the internet get from this “Smart Casual” is a minimalistic, classy and simple outfit, that pretty much makes you look an office worker in your mid 20s.I mean, some outfits can be pretty cute, especially if you know your way around a pencil skirt and blazer. Just make sure to rock some banging shoes and some cute accessories to pull this simple look off.

Here’s some inspiration for you guys:

(Hearts are on my Fabu-list !!)

4 HM-Print-Play-Womens-Lookbook-2013-7

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images IMG_4281 aaf956413d16195ee7e0dbf222d5b385

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