Fighting The Villain


Some of you might have read the title of the post and wondered what on Earth I was gonna talk about,but I hope that you check them out when your done reading this post.You may or may not have heard about this amazing alternative rock band…… Fighting the Villain.

They currently have 2 albums (First Impression & From Wakefullness to Sleep )(click the link to check them out on itunes)out and guys, they are amazing.I literally have Hidden or replay….. everyday.Their music is so amazing and I want to share it with you guys. You guys might not have heard of them before (I just found out about them like last years) but they are amazing and their music is definitely worth listening to. They put such hard work into writing and performing songs and I really think that they deserve your support.So next time your bored and don’t know what to lsten to go check them out.

Here are some of my favorite videos:

Don’t forget to check out their music on itunes, available now and show some support !!!!!

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