Summer DIY Pedi Challenge – Julep


It’s summer, it’s the hot season, the fun season and definitely the SANDALS season.I can probably bet that almost all of us plan on wearing flip-flops this season (am I right ladies), but the worst part about wearing flip-flops is not the tan lines you get when you stay in the sun too long, it’s most likely the hassle of having to go to the beauty salon and pay a fortune for a pedicure that you can do at home.

A few weeks ago I was contacted by the lovely Ms. Abbey Jones from Julep who informed me about their new line of amazing nail polish and pedicure products.I was asked to prepare a blog post telling you guys how I do the perfect summer-time pedicure, ready for the flip-flops season at home.Here is what I usually do.

I usually start off by using a buffer to rid my feet of any dry skin.When I think that most of the dead skin is gone, I then soak my feet in a tub of warm water for 10 – 15 minutes.You can add any type of bath salts or bath bombs to the water if you want.


I then use a foot scrub, you can use any brand that you want , basically to get rid of anything you missed in the first couple of steps.Using a towel, I dry my feet and apply a generous amount of my favorite lotion to hold in moisture.


Now that your feet look fantastic, paint your nails any colour or pattern you desire.GO CRAZY!!Remember to apply a basecoat and top coat to prevent chipping and add a shiny gloss to your nails.


I hope this tutorial was of help to you. Don’t forget to check out Julep , for awesome deals on beautiful products.

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