Crop Tops + Maxi Skirts


Credit: Wardrobe Envy Credit: Wardrobe Envy

I just bought my first maxi dress, so I have finally seen the light that is the amazing comfort of length in skirts. I felt like I was going to comfort prom, seriously. I’ve never worn anything that comfortable, with that much ventilation for my legs! And yet I looked so great!

Thus, I am posting one of my new favorite fashion trends of the summer, crop tops and maxi skirts. I’ve been about comfort my entire life, and crop tops never seemed to fit the comfort bill. Half of your stomach is hanging out! But hear me out.

With the maxi skirt, you can have however much skin exposed as you like. You can choose a flowy crop top, a tight crop top, whatever you want. There are so many options!

You can wear this outfit to concerts, class, Target, Wal-Mart, the movies, literally wherever. Throw…

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