Check Out These Awesome Blogs !!!

Everyone, go check out the other awesome blogs from blogging club!

Last week was my last blogging club, so I won’t be blogging alongside these amazing girls anymore.Blogging will now officially be something I do locked in my room,by myself.I love these girls so much, we were friends even before blogging, but this has definetely drawn us closer together.All our blogs were creates at the same time, which makes their blogs and Style Oasis … Wait for it…. TWINSIES!! Here are the others:

The Pink Cheebra
My friend Loren blogs about island life and takes awesome pictures.I really love her blog because she writes posts about a variety of topics and takes pivtures of EVERYTHING!!! Her blog is interesting and, for those of you who are wondering what a cheebra is, it is an animal that she made up in her dream, half cheetah,half zebra.
(Disclaimer – She’s kinda crazy, so viewer disgression is advised.I am not responsible for any mental, emotional or(by some miraculous reason) physical damage caused by reading this blog.)

Teens Are Us
Sasha gives great advise for teens.She is a certified peer educator and loves helping others at school.If you’re having a problem, she’s the one to go to.Her blog posts are well thought out and are very uplifting.
P.S. The word “are” in the URL is spelt “Aree”(Yes… I know what you’re thinking) but she’s actually quite literate, despite her spelling.

Picture this Picture that
This is Janai’s blog. As you all know my favorite basketball team is the San Antonio Spurs,but let’s focus on the Eastern Conference for a second.Janai is a fan of the Boston Celtics;she definitely “bleeds green”, she’s even on the basketball team at school.She doesn’t only blog about sports though.She posts great pieces about photography, travel and basically anything else that she can think of.This one is kind of unpredictable.

Nonchalant Times
Her name is Jody-Ann, but you can call her Jody (we all do, she doesn’t mind).Her writing style is very unique, but interesting at the same time.She hasn’t blogged in about 2 months but she’s back in business now.Her posts are very relevant to events that are happening today and she is NOT afraid to speak her mind.

All the blogs from blogging club are amazing. I hope that you guys will check them out and have a read for yourself.You also might learn something new about me on these blogs, where I live – The Turks and Caicos Islands, and things that we do here. If you ever get an opportunity to read these blogs, tell me what you think, email me, comment on their blogs or leave me a comment down below.


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