5 Things to do this summer


Summer Break 2014 is almost here… well for me it is ! I’m so pumped for summer, here are some cool things you can do this summer.

1) Travel –

You could go to France or Italy, or you can even go to a town or city near you. There’s no better way to meet new people or experience new things than travelling.You can even drive across the country for not so much money.money. Remember, travelling doesn’t mean that you have to spend you’re life savings on an airplane ticket or a five star cruise.Travelling can still be a great as long as you’re with the people you love.

2) Go Shopping –

Shopping is a great way to get your mind off anything that is stressing you out. There are tons of stores all over the country, where you can buy shoes, clothes, food, anything, again for not so much money.

3)Visit your very best friends –

You can go over to your friends house and have a great time. Whether they live near or far, go visit your best friend this summer.You’ll have a great time with someone whose friendship you really relish.

4)Turn up the music and dance

Grab your favorite music and dance like no-one’s watching, even if there are people watching. turn up the music with your friends and just enjoy yourself

5) Have a pool party –

It’s summer, it’s hot, I’m sure that you won’t want to have a bunch of sweaty people in a room together…gross!! (that’s like class after P.E).You can always have a pool party, with your closet friends or your entire neighborhood.It’s up to you!

I’ll be doing all these things this summer, I hope you guys have an awesome summer!!!


Today was my last day of blogging club, it isn’t the end of my blog, just the end of the club that gave birth to Style Oasis. Thank you guys for making this experience so great for me.Stay tuned for more posts about pretty much everything. Love you guys so much!!!



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