GO SPURS GO !!! – The San Antonio Spurs Outclass Miami Heat, Winning Their 5th NBA Championship – Kawhi Leonard MVP


You guys might not know that I love basketball, yes I said it BASKETBALL. I have to admit, I’m not the best player, but I actually understand the game and watch it religiously.

My favorite team ever since I was little has always been the San Antonio Spurs.I really respect their humility, determination and athleticism

This NBA season has been great for Tim Duncan ( my FAVORITE NBA player of all time and the greatest power the NBA), Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili, Kawhi Leonard, Danny Green, Tiago Splitter, Patty Mills,Boris Diaw, I could go on to name all the players and the entire coaching staff, but I’m sure you guys don’t have time for that.They not only have the best record in the regular-season of the NBA,but have also been to the finals for the second consecutive time since last year. The miami heat didn’t get their Three-peat this year …. sorry guys – NOT!

I am extremely proud of the San Antonio Spurs, for doing it once again. Tim Duncan finally has the ring for the thumb that he so much deserves.

Game 5, last night started with a 22-6 lead by the Miami Heat in the first quarter; this lead was soon demolished by the resilient San Antonio Spurs.At half-time the Spurs lead 47 – 40 and came back in the second half with a BANG !!! The crowd was on their feet as the now NBA champions completely obliterated the former reigning champions.

“What happened last year definitely helped our drive and helped us stay focused for an extended period of time,”said Tim Duncan. “It very easily could have hit us in different ways and we could have reacted in different ways.The Spurs came out this Series and took it all, nearly sweeping the Miami Heat.This is a reminder to all of us that the San Antonio Spurs is the greatest NBA team in the league.The miami Heat were no match for their ball movement and scoring abilities in this series; I’m not even going to mention San Antonio’s great bench and their effort and effect on this series.

With about a minute left in the game and the Spurs up by about 20, I was brought to tears of joy as the players rejoiced and celebrated as the NBA season came to a close.I wish that I could have been in the AT&T Center last night, but I still watched every second of the game from the comfort of my home.

The Spurs have taught me to love the game, to remain humble and calm in everything that I do and always stay focus, because the reward at the end is greater than the hype of our opponents. they have also taught me the important lesson that :


Congratulations Timmy, Tony, Manu, Pop and all Spurs everywhere for doing it once again and a special congratulations to this year’s finals MVP, Kawhi Leonard.Your efforts have been rewarded and you deserve it more than anyone.We, my friends are the champions, fans, players, coaches, we are all truly champions this year.That’ll show ’em that we’re not old, or tired, or boring, now they all know that we’re truly the greatest team in the NBA.


*** P.S. – If you want to see “flying dunks” all game – don’t watch the NBA, just watch the Slam Dunk Contest once a year. NO TEAM CAN DO THAT !!!


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