Britney Spears, Madonna, Lana Del Rey, Gwen Stefani, Jessica Biel and Hayden Panettiere, just to name a few have change and impacted the way that I dress and my personal style.Today, I’m starting a new series of posts,called “Style icons”, where I’ll be doing a post on one of my favorite fashionistas each month.

Today, I’m honoring Ella Marija Lani Yelich-O’Connor better known by her stage name Lorde.For those of you who don’t know,she is a 17 year old singer from New Zealand who became famous as a result of her first single “Royals” which debuted at number one in various countries and her first EP “The Love Club”.

Here style is different, it’s new and it’s fresh.She really knows how to express herself with the clothes that she chooses.Her unique personality and her fascination with Royalty and Aristocracy is visible in a number of her outfits. The dark colours that she wears, usually contrasts her bright makeup and her hair which is usually filled with loose curls. She is seen as  true “Style Icon” by many.

lorde collage

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