10 Awesome Songs You probably Don’t Know

I love playing music, listening to music, even writing music (on occasions when I feel especially inspired).It’s a shame that so many people nowadays (including myself) missed out on an era where music was alive and well. Here are a few songs from “back in the day” and some new ones that you probably won’t recognise.

1. Elemental – Tears for Fears (1992)

2.Hidden – Fighting the Villain (2012)

3.Self Control – Laura Branigan (1990)

4.Glory and Gore – Lorde (2013)

5. Everybody Wants to Rule The World – Tears for Fears (1985) (Covered by Lorde for “The Hunger Games – Catching Fire” soundtrack, I personally prefer the original)

6.Take My Breath Away – Berlin (1986)

7. Desiderium – Fighting the Villain (2012)

8.Off to the Races – Lana Del Rey (2012)

9.Tongue Tied – Eve 6 (1998) (From the “Test Drive 6” Video Game Soundtrack)

10.Sharp Dressed Man – ZZ Top (1983) (Theme Song of “Duck Dynasty”)