image Top 10 Summer Must Haves

10) Classic Aviators (Polarized of course)001_M2

Aviator sunglasses are really a bold fashion statement, that screams “I know what’s in right now!” you can look great, shop till you drop, relax on the beach, soak up some, and did I mention look AMAZING while doing it. These aren’t only great for summer, you can wear these as long as the sun is shining,( or at night – whatever your heart desires).



9)High Rise Denim Shorts

These shorts definitely worthy of  #SocalStylist. Hit the beach or make a scene in this beautiful style of jeans, perfect for a jam session with your friends or a beach day with your mains. You can pair this with a  loose tank and some strappy gladiator sandals or you can shake it up and do your own thing.

8) Cropped Teesbkl

It’s all about the loose, easy, laid-back look this summer.Cropped tees and cropped tops are without a doubt the definition of this. Just pull on some denim shorts for the perfect look for the summer. Not only are these beautiful, they’re also extremely comfortable and go with practically any outfit.

Maybelline-Plush-22447) Waterproof Mascara (An Absolute ESSENTIAL)

Now our eyelashes don’t have to suffer because of all the surfing and snorkeling that we’ll been doing this summer.Everyone wants the long and voluminous lashes (especially those of us with super thin eyelashes), we can all have this without having to give up watersports.

6) Really Awesome Speakersspeaker-pillxl-standard-thrqrtleft-O

Summer isn’t only about the fashion…right? Good speaker are a must have, what’s the point of music if everyone can’t hear it? Grab your ipod, your favorite CD or even find your favorite radio station… No matter what… GET UP AND DANCE!!!!


Britney-Spears-Britney-Jean-2013-1200x12005) Your FAVORITE Music

What are you going to do with your speakers, without your favorite music ?(my favorites ranges from Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, pop to Bless the Fall, Crown the Empire, Rock and Roll, to Skrillex, Dubstep(sometimes I like to go back in time with some Tears for Fears and some early Madonna.)As I said previously, summer isn’t the same without music… so what are you waiting for, go grab your favorites songs to rock out and all your guys and girls and get ready to dance like no-on
e’s watching!!!

4)  Some Sweet Perfumeisland fantasy Britney Spears 300 dpi bottle visual

We don’t want to have to worry about smelling great while we’re having fun in the sun. Perfume is an absolute essential for me, not only in the summer….but EVERYDAY (I cover myself in perfume everyday). A light, sweet, fruity fragrance is always good for summer; something light and bliss is always a good choice.I personally recommend any fragrance from the line Fantasy by Britney Spears, specifically Island Fantasy(even the name sounds like summer).

3) A HUGE Floppy Hatsummerhat_orange

These aren’t just extremely fashionable, they’re also great for protecting us from the sun,(especially those of us who burn easily.)Not much needs to be said, except this is absolutely an essential.




2) A cute swimsuitARJX300162_BNW3_FRT1_420-560

A swimsuit is probably one of THE most important things for the summer.Here in the Turks and Caicos Islands where it’s summer all the time, I can’t live with a swimsuit. A bikini, one-piece, tankini… you name it, be certain to have at least one pair this summer.




landing-page-products-sport1) Sunscreen

Sunscreen is always a must have; it is probably THE most important thing for the summer.Without it we would all have sunburn and red faces all year long.


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