6 Easy Rainbow Loom Bracelets for Beginners

Rainbow loom bracelets are the new fashion craze that is sweeping the nation.They are simple to make and are made from plain old rubber bands.You can make anything from a simple fishtail bracelet, to a star-burst bracelet or even a Despicable Me Minion bracelet. It’s as easy as 1…2…3… to make any design; all you need is a couple rubber bands. You can use the loom kit that comes with everything you will need to make any type of bracelet or you can just make them by hand.

1.  Single Chain Bracelet

2. Fishtail Bracelet

3. Inverted-Fishtail Bracelet

4. Star-burst Bracelet

5. Zippy Chain Bracelet

6. Ladder Braclelet



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  3. The inverted fishtail is so cool I hate the zippy chain because it is so hard I cannot do it but to me the starburst is so much easier than I taught it would be

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